Hello! My name is Sharan and I am a British Indian artist and illustrator.

My background is in fashion design and print development for fashion. This was when I first started illustrating fashion. I loved the fast pace of creating the images, using any medium that came to hand, resulting in fresh and spontaneous interpretations of clothing on the model

Over time my style has developed and slowed. My paintings would now be better described as fashion portraits, more concerned with the woman wearing the clothes, her mood and the environment around her.

My portraits capture all that I love about fashion. Maximal prints, bold colours, interesting shapes, placed in an environment full of pattern, design and more colour! All the elements together create an overall impression, a uniqueness, an individuality, reflecting the mood and personality of the model. I think this is how each woman should be portrayed today, as a completely unique human being.

My artwork is all hand drawn and painted, using either acrylic paint or watercolor inks and gouache on paper, before being scanned and giclee printed onto museum quality fine art paper.

For information on original artwork and commissions please contact me via email.

Email enquiries: sharanranshi@gmail.com

Instagram: @sharankranshi